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rose quartz crystal bottle

  • rose quartz crystal bottle
  • glass water bottle
  • rose quartz crystal water bottle
  • crystal bottle

ZURA Rose Quartz Crystal Elixir Water Bottle $84 $49

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Everything is made of moving particles of energy and vibrates at a certain frequency. Because crystals take years and years to form, they harness the pure, sacred energy of the Earth and are known for their healing, protective and harmonizing properties. Our crystal water bottle cleanses, resets and aligns your energy, giving you the cosmic energy to face whatever the day brings you. Choose from four different removable crystal bases: amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz and obsidian.

Rose Quartz

Symbolizes connection. Releases toxic emotion and energies, strengthens connection with your relationships, cleanses fear, manifests self-love, compassion and forgiveness.

How to Choose the Right Crystal for You

Did you know people have been using crystals for thousands of years for alternative healing and enhancing their meditative practices? Each crystal has its own set of unique and powerful metaphysical Finding the right crystal is a personal journey. Does one speak to you more than another? Read about them all and follow your intuition to make your choice, or collect them all.

Product Features

  • Holds 18 oz of water
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher-safe container (hand wash crystal base only)
  • Antibacterial
  • Removable crystal base
  • Choose from 4 different crystals
  • FREE protective nylon sleeve 



Why crystal-infused water?

Just like everything, crystals are made of moving particles of energy and vibrate at certain frequency. Because crystals take years and years to form, they harness the pure, sacred energy of the Earth and are known for their healing properties. Crystals have a high vibration, and when infused with water, it absorbs this powerful energy which you drink – it’s a taste you can even feel! This cleanses, resets and aligns your energy, keeping you aligned to face whatever the day brings you.

Can I switch out my crystal for different crystals?

Yes. Your crystal is attached to the base, which screws out from the bottom. We have other crystals to choose from such as rose quartz and amethyst. Be sure to only use crystals from ZURA, since they are specially customized for our bottles.

How do I use my ZURA Crystal Elixir Bottle?

Pour fresh, filtered water into your ZURA Crystal Elixir water bottle and fill to top. Screw on the cap, set your intention for the day and enjoy.

What is the bottle made of?

Your bottle is made of glass, stainless steel and a solid, purifying crystal.

Is this a reusable water bottle?


Will my crystal fall out?

No, each crystal is secured to the bottom with stainless steel and remains attached to the bottom of the bottle.

How much water can my crystal elixir bottle hold?

Your bottle is 550ml and holds 18 ounces of water. 

Are the crystals all the same size?

Just like you, all crystals are unique and may vary slightly in shape and size

I would like to return my item/it arrived broken damage. What do I do?

We can only accept returns if your bottle or base was damaged during shipment. If this is the case, please email our customer service at hello@zurayoga.com


Is my bottle dishwasher safe?

The glass bottle is dishwasher safe, but the crystal base and lid should be washed by hand with all-natural soap and warm water.


    • 1.5lbs (0.7kg)
    • Holds 18oz (532.3mL) of liquid
    • Amplifies intentions, intensifies spiritual healing and growth, neutralizes and protects against negative energy, harmonizes all the chakra energies.
    • Contains safe, purified tumbled crystals
    • Made of glass and stainless steel
    • Removable crystal base
    • Antibacterial and BPA-free
    • Includes a protective nylon sleeve

    Care Instructions

    Only the glass bottle is dishwasher-safe. The crystal base and list should be washed by hand with all-natural soap and warm water

    • Dishwasher-safe
      (glass bottle only)
    • Hand wash only
      (crystal and lid)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Yoga mat

    Terrible chemical smell

    Very good

    I'm happy!!!

    Crystal water bottle

    This was bought as a gift for my daughter. She loves it!!! All her coworkers want one as well. Definite buy!

    Love it!


    Really Nice

    I was delighted with my product. It was very easy to clean assemble and use. I like the way my water taste. Very smooth going down. I am sure it will do what it is intended to do. Thank you.

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