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A green, yellow, and blue ombre suede yoga mat.

  • A green, yellow, and blue ombre suede yoga mat.
  • A green, yellow, and blue ombre suede yoga mat, displayed halfway rolled out.
  • The underside of a green, yellow, and blue ombre suede yoga mat, displayed halfway rolled out.
  • Fully rolled up view of a green, yellow, and blue ombre suede yoga mat.

The Shakti (Mermaid Mat) $108 $69.99

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The powerful one I am your fierce, protective force. We’d make a perfect pair for Bikram yoga as my unscented, absorbent layers collect every droplet of sweat your body creates.


  • 26" x 71" x 1/8" (66cm x 180.3cm x 3.5mm)
  • 6.2lbs (2.8kg)
  • Ideal for yoga, Bikram, hot yoga, and Pilates
  • Absorbent, wrinkle-free, microfiber top with no-slip grip
  • Multiple layers of comfort to reduce risk of injury
  • 100% natural recycled rubber base
  • Free of silicon and phthalates
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable, scent-free, and made with water-based inks
  • Convenient shoulder strap for the yogi on-the-go

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash cold with delicates
  • Hang dry only
  • Do not bleach

The Shakti (Mermaid Mat) Woman doing Ardha Padmasana (Half Lotus) pose on a green, yellow, and blue ombre suede yoga mat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
My favorite mat!

I have bought a lot of mats over the years but this is my favorite mat ever. I have the most slippery hands imaginable and every other mat I've tried, including the expensive nonslip ones, does not have enough grip for me. With this mat, I put a little water at the top & bottom where my hands and feet go and I DON'T SLIP! It's thick enough that I don't need extra padding and don't feel like I'm laying directly on the floor. And it's super pretty to look at! I love Love LOVE this mat!!

My first mat

I’m new to yoga and after messing around at home, going to a few classes and really loving it, wanted to invest in my own mat. I was window shopping online and watching reviews like crazy. I landed at Zura and couldn’t be happier. Being a male and prone to getting clammy hands this mat works great weather I’m sweaty, clammy or not. I loved that there are options other than solid blue or green etc. The texture of the mat makes me feel more grounded than any other Ive stepped on. Natural warm and comfy Letting me know it’s time to breathe and get to it. I honestly can’t see myself using a natural or synthetic rubber mat after this purchase, the feeling I get when I step my bare feet on this bad boy is too euphoric. Also superb customer service with a personal touch and insane response time. (P.s. I got the beginner blocks and they are dope as well). 10 out of 10 for zura after almost a full month of classes everyday, I’m now addicted to yoga and my mat.

Absolutely love the colors two of my favorite

Absolutely love the colors two of my favorite! It's soft,beautiful and I'm loving everything about it so far! :) can't wait to get more practice in on this gem

Love this mat!

I bought this mat for my girlfriend, she's a yoga teacher and fitness instructor. She is in love with this mat, her exact words: I had no idea how effective this mat would be and I love that it has all the benefits of a towel mat without the annoying scrunching of the towel" she also loves he beach and brought the mat to do sunrise yoga with it and to our surprise the sand just brushed right off. Great purchase"

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