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A soild blue suede yoga mat.

  • A soild blue suede yoga mat.
  • Fully rolled up view of a soild blue suede yoga mat.
  • Partially rolled up view of a soild blue suede yoga mat. The mat is folded so that both sides are seen.
  • A soild blue suede yoga mat, displayed halfway rolled out.

The Santani (Minimalist Mat) $108

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Santani is Sanskrit for harmony. You are the voice of reason that always remains grounded, focused and centered no matter how turbulent the situation. You’re in tune with your spirit, and are known for leading by action and example. My clean lines invite your mind and body to connect harmoniously, sharpening your focus while my Earth-toned hue attracts ambition and abundance.


    • 26" x 71" x 1/8" (66cm x 180.3cm x 3.5mm)
    • 6.2lbs (2.8kg)
    • Ideal for yoga, power yoga hot yoga, pilates, and mild to intense physical activities
    • IMPROVED Sweat-activated yoga mat that builds traction as you sweat
    • Vegan microfiber top layer eliminates need for a mat towel
    • Innovative, ultra-absorbent open-cell technology for no mess or distractions
    • Biodegradable with colors made from water-based inks
    • 100% all-natural Malaysian rubber foundation designed to grip every surface
    • Eco-friendly: NO toxic chemicals NO phthalates NO silicon NO smells
    • Includes a shoulder strap for easy travel and use in restorative practices

    Care Instructions

    • Machine wash cold with delicates
    • Hang dry only
    • Do not bleach

    Woman doing a modified Dandasana (Staff) pose on a soild blue suede yoga mat.

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