About us

zUra [sz-eur-ah] m. Warrior for good

Two key philosophies make up ZURA: empowering your spirit and serving as a natural extension of your practice.

Our goal is to provide you with the essentials so you can focus on shining – both on and off your mat — in both your yoga and everyday lifestyle.

By offering yoga gear that’s both sustainable and high-performance, ZURA breathes its Sanskrit translation, which means “warrior for good” into every product we create. From the essentials, like our all-natural microfiber suede yoga mats to our nontoxic EPA foam blocks, we chose to focus carefully on the details and craftsmanship for materials that are beautiful and mindful of the environment.

Artisanal Design

Our mats are designed to mimic nature’s bounty, with colors taken from all around you: sunset pastels, crisp and clean lines, textured surfaces and naturally formed shapes to tell a story that’s as unique as you are.

Naturally Crafted

We know better than to think looks are everything. There are plenty of beautiful yoga accessories out there. What makes us difference is that we are much more than a pretty face. The materials that make up much of the yoga gear on the market contains toxic chemicals and dyes that are harmful to mother Earth. We thought that was contradictory to yoga’s essence, so we set out on a mission to conquer the status quo — from there, it’s all history. 

Imagined in Orlando, Florida; crafted from all over the world.